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    Benefit from an independent,equiped housing and any comfort to leave the time of the holidays. Often near numerous activities, you can take advantages of it as you like. It is the ideal formula in family or between friends to leave a weekend, a week or more!

26 en Indre-et-Loire.
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фотография de Le Castel du Plessis Gerbault
  • Низкий сезон 500€ к 700€
  • Средний сезон 700€ к 900€
  • Высокий сезон 900€ к 1400€

мебелированные комнаты в Chinon

Le Castel du Plessis Gerbault

Antoine Belloy Le Plessis Gerbault 37500 Chinon (Indre-et-Loire)
телефон : 02 47 93 42 71
Castel du Plessis Gerbault is in a very picturesque site located slope side of the left bank of the river Vienne.
It faces the old fortress of Chinon. It overlooks a hamlet consisting in part of the ...
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фотография de Les Troglos de Beaulieu
  • Низкий сезон 95€ к 390€
  • Высокий сезон 120€ к 490€
  • **Tourisme-Petit déjeuner**

мебелированные комнаты в Beaulieu-lès-Loches

Les Troglos de Beaulieu

Céline HASBROUCQ 26, rue des bertrands 37600 Beaulieu-lès-Loches (Indre-et-Loire)
телефон : 02 47 91 97 89  - сотовый телефон : 06 87 52 93 27
Troglodityque cottage on the outskirts of the medieval city of Loches. Come discover castles, vineyards, cellars ... Come and relax at night in a troglodyte.
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