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    Circuits of walking
    It is an activity the same without sound to make you leave in the discovery of big areas. In the course of tracks meandering in the landscape, live an instant of harmony with nature.
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Hiking road in Bailleau-Armenonville

Vélorails Du Pays Chartrain

Vélorails Du Pays Chartrain Gare de Pont sous Gallardon 28320 Bailleau-Armenonville (Eure-et-Loire)
Phone : 09 54 40 00 00  - Mobile phone : 06 60 59 00 55
A group of dedicated volunteers is clearing and maintaining a very scenic stretch of disused railway line to enable the sport of Railbike to be ...

Hiking road in Bréhémont

Loire Vélo Nature

Denis Dodokal 7 rue des Déportés 37130 Bréhémont 37130 Bréhémont (Indre-et-Loire)
Phone : 06 71 64 67 22  - Fax : 02 47 96 42 39
Loire Velo Nature is your professionnal from Orleans to Nantes for rentals of canoes, bikes on the bike path of the Loire A Velo in Indre-et-Loire, Maine-et-Loire, Loir et Cher, and Loiret, for ...
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