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    In the bend of a street or an alley, discover in the course of your walks the secrets of cities and villages of our regions. Remarkable facades, places, houses of times and many other hidden treasures, here is which treasures offer themselves to you. Picturesque villages of countrysides in the big metropolises, take time to promenade and to appreciate.
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города и поселки в Amboise

Amboise, ville d'histoire

37400 Amboise (Indre-et-Loire)
The town of Amboise has benefited for years of its geographic position, with an island splitting the Loire in two seperate parts (Ile d'Or) and a hill looking down on the valley. The "Ile d'Or" was ...

города и поселки в Amboise


Franck Bellet Quai du général de Gaulle 37400 Amboise (Indre-et-Loire)
телефон : 06 13 01 39 53
Leave to the discovery of Amboise for small train
Travel in the heart of the city thanks to the small train and discover:

The Royal Castle of Amboise, The Clos Lucé, the Golden island, the city ...
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