микросхема 16 Place Saint Louis

жильё,аренда , номера в отелях dans le Loir-et-Cher

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16 Place Saint Louis

Christiane Desnoeck-Woelfle 16, Place Saint-Louis 41000 Blois (Loir-et-Cher)
телефон : 02 54 74 13 61  - факс : 02 54 74 13 61
смотреть на сайте http://16placesaintlouis.free.fr Looking down on the old city and the Loire Valley, this recently restored private 18th century mansion is situated on the famous Place de la Cathédrale. The guest room is on the top floor and offers an exceptional view of Blois. Decor is refined with stripes and muted colours on the walls, and the room is furnished with antique furniture and carpets, taffeta, velvet and glass crystals. Total comfort is ensured with a private entrance and corridor, bathroom with dressing gowns, and air-conditioning. On arrival, the hosts offer refreshments and delicacies in the living room. Breakfast is taken in the period style dining room. A guaranteed delight.
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