микросхема Le moulin du port

жильё,аренда , номера в отелях dans le Loir-et-Cher

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Le moulin du port

Moreau 26 rue du gue de l'arche 41400 Saint-Georges-sur-Cher (Loir-et-Cher)
телефон : 02 54 32 01 37  - факс : 02 54 32 01 37
смотреть на сайте http://www.lemoulinduport.com The mill of the port was built using tufa stones in 1883 along the Cher River in the heart of the Loire Valley. It has a spectacular water wheel of rare dimension.
Isabelle and Thierry will warmly welcome you upon your arrival. You will have a choice of bedrooms with either an exceptional view of the Cher River or a quiet view of the wooded grounds.
The house is set in a friendly and relaxing atmosphere, where you can rest next to the heated swimming pool and admire the beautiful surroundings or take advantage of the different activities offered.
Two fully equipped, independent cottages accommodate your family’s needs. Playground facilities are available for children.

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